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Thursday, February 29, 2024
The SymposiumDemonstrators


Internationally known Wood turners.

2023 Demonstrators

The 2023 Oregon Woodturning Symposium will once again present an outstanding slate of demonstrators. For each edition of the Symposium, we have made an effort to represent the ever-evolving areas of interest in woodturning.  This year, we continue that process.


Nick Agar  

Nick Agar 
Nick Agar is a world-renowned, award-winning, sculptural woodworking artist. He has a well-earned reputation for producing highly individual, beautifully crafted works of art.

Nick has been working in his medium for more than 30 years. In addition to regularly exhibiting and appearing as a judge at international conferences, he is in constant demand from collectors who want to commission his work around the world


Sally Ault   Sally Ault

Sally Ault has been turning wood for nearly twenty years. She received a degree in art with an emphasis on craft and considers form to be an important part of her work. Sally has taught for the American Association of Woodturners, at craft schools, and for many other clubs and symposia. She has also served as a mentor for programs that work with Wounded Warriors. Sally has received numerous awards over the years and is currently part of a co-op gallery in San Diego.




Stuart Batty   Stuart Batty

During the past 34 years, Stuart has taught more
than 3,000 amateur and professional woodturners. He has demonstrated and taught in 12 countries and for more than 200 AAW chapters throughout the US.

Stuart’s style of work is greatly influenced by his background as a spindle turner with precise cuts and sharp detail. He uses very simple tools and tool shapes to create his pieces. His work is pure lathe work, with no carving or surface texturing.




Trent Bosch   Trent Bosch
Trent Bosch has been focused on woodturning professionally for more then 30 years.    Over the years he has enjoyed many facets of this medium, from production woodturning to sculptural one of a kind pieces to demonstrating and teaching hands on classes.  More recently he has devoted more time to developing, designing and manufacturing unique tools for woodturners, as well as fostering the growth of his artistic children.  Trent has taught and demonstrated his techniques for turning and sculpting wood throughout the world. To learn more about Trent you can visit his website at or



Cynthia Carden   Cynthia Carden

Cynthia Leigh Carden's work is elegant and distinctive, and
combines coloring in unusual and beautiful ways.
"The Amazing Doll collection is inspired by my love of fashion,
travel, life experiences and the arts of Asia." Carden says. “Each
doll is uniquely pyro engraved and with the addition of precious
metals, color, gilding and jewels I am able to create their
individual personalities.”




Nick Cook  

Nick Cook

Nick Cook is a full time production turner producing a wide variety of gift items, one of a kind bowls & vessels as well as work for furniture makers and millwork contractors.  He spends much of his time teaching both individuals and groups throughout the country.  He has done workshops for woodturning groups in Australia and has also participated in the national woodturning symposiums in New Zealand .  He is a founding member of the American Association of Woodturners and has served as vice president and conference coordinator.  Nick was named the 12th  honorary lifetime member of the AAW





Rebecca deGroot   Rebecca DeGroot

Rebecca DeGroot learned woodturning from her father at a very young age. His rule was simple, when she could stand on the bucket and reach the lathe, he would teach her how to turn. This interest developed into a passion which continued to grow through her college days and now in her professional life. She has spent the past eight years working as a high school art teacher, but always manages to find time to decompress in her workshop and let her imagination run wild.


Keith Gotschall    Keith Gotschall

Born in Chicago, Ill. in 1962, Keith lived in the midwest until 1980.  In 1981 he moved to Boulder Co. and began a career in wood working.  After an informal apprenticeship in several different wood shops Keith started his own design and fabrication studio in 1989.  Building furniture mostly on a commission basis, Keith also stretched his talents by doing the occasional speculative piece that would be shown in art galleries or in fine art shows.  He has won numerous awards around Colorado


  Eric Lofstrom

Like many of us, Eric’s woodturning adventure began in his Grandpa’s basement. From the earliest days, the eye-opening catches that all turners get focused Eric’s attention on the mechanisms and methods of producing a good cut and a smooth surface.

Gaining tool control and improving technique became a personal quest. Whether creating a fitted lid box or multi-axis turning, a translucent or winged bowl, a hollow form or exploring surface embellishments, Eric enjoys projects which both challenge his skill and stretch his creative curiosity. Being conscious of the importance tool control plays in creating pieces, Eric believes it is not only important to know which techniques work but also why they work.

"As an artist, I aim to create clean-lined forms with minimal distraction. I use grain, color, and texture to invite an intimate conversation with my work. I enjoy working within self-prescribed constraints, focusing my exploration to develop philosophical concepts into series. Currently, my work represents curiosities relating to water, energy, and the human spirit."



Mike Mahoney   Mike Mahoney

I made my career in woodturning by making a diverse range of items. Utility bowls, plates, and platters. Burial urns for humans and pets. For the last fifteen years focusing on selling rough turning blanks to other woodturners. My success would be credited to affordable wood sourcing and hard work. 




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