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Friday, October 7, 2022
The SymposiumDemonstrators


2019 Demonstrators

The 2019 Oregon Woodturning Symposium will once again present an outstanding slate of demonstrators. For each edition of the Symposium, we have made an effort to represent the ever evolving areas of interest in woodturning.  This year, we continue that process.

Richard Raffan is an Australian woodturner that has been a major influence on the development of woodturning.  If you ask a woodturner where a particular cut or project or description of a specific tool was first encountered, the answer is very likely to be
"in a Richard Raffan video".  He was one of the early proponents of video as a teaching method and a means of expanding woodturning.  Richard Raffan's influence on the currant state of our craft is hard to overestimate.  He is know internationally as a woodturner of extraordinary skill.  His approach to technical aspects such as tool use and cutting mechanics is part of the foundation of modern woodturning.  The focus on form and design is clear in every presentation he makes.  The lidded box has been one of his favorite vehicles to demonstrate the importance of simplicity in design.  The right cut with the right tool is the essence of Raffan's method, even if that tool is a scraper; no minor point in today's gouge-centered woodturning world.  We are pleased to welcome Richard Raffan to the 2019 Oregon Woodturning Symposium.
Richard's website can be found here.   A YouTube collection of Richard Raffan videos can be found here.


We are pleased to welcome Glenn Lucas to the Oregon Woodturning Symposium. Glenn is a production woodturner from County Carlow, Ireland. Recently, he has also become known as an outstanding teacher through his classes, both here in the states and in Europe, as well as his outstanding instructional DVDs. He is known as a bowl turner but his skills extend far beyond the bowl. It is probably more accurate to say that Glenn is an expert woodturner that makes bowls in addition to a wide variety of other projects. You have to admire a man who sets up a shop such that the shavings from roughing out his bowls go directly into the dumpster (check the video if you’re skeptical). The elegance of his bowls and platters is matched by the skill and efficiency of his tool handling. Glenn's work is characterized by pure and simple lines. But, this does not exclude details (such as the small beaded rim on his version of the askur, or Viking bowl) that add significantly to the appeal of the piece.

Visit Glenn's website for more information.

Originally from the north of England, now a resident of Las Vegas, Jimmy Clewes is one of the most popular and informative turning demonstrators active today. A great success at the 2015 Oregon Woodturning Symposium, we have brought Jimmy back to Albany in part because of the variety in his demonstrations.  Bowls, platters, boxes, color, surface augmentation, fire; something for everyone.  Precise cuts made to work with the grain of the wood, going well beyond "cutting downhill" are a trademark.    "Speed is your friend" is a common take away message from a Clewes demonstration.  Fast, but safe, produces cleaner cuts and makes shaping the project easier and more fluid.  He makes it look easy, the sign of a skilled demonstrator.  If you talk to his students, you'll hear "funny and encouraging, patient, outstanding technician, master of tool handling skills".  Jimmy is clearly a master of the tool and technique side of woodturning and technique is an important subject in Jimmy's presentations but not to the exclusion of composition. Unusual shapes, like the propeller box, the use of dyes and surface texture to enhance the visual effect have long been an important part of his approach to turning.  
Visit his website for more information.

Michael Hosaluk is recognized in Canada and internationally as one of the world's most creative woodturners, though turning is not the limit of his creative domain. Born in Invernay, Saskatchewan, Hosaluk is self-taught, therefore, a beacon of hope for all the rest of us. His studio is in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada.  
Hosaluk's work covers a wide range of objects and materials including functional vessels, furniture and sculptural pieces. His work is humorous and elegant, possesses character and gesture and is full of reference to architecture, nature and culture. Hosaluk's work has been exhibited throughout Canada, in Europe, China, Japan, Australia and the United States.

He is perhaps best known for the imaginative use of shape and color to create sculptural pieces ranging from the smiling teapot to the spiky fish to the baseball of perfect size pyrographed with the right number of perfectly placed stitches and reading "Made in the US-Eh!".   Functional or whimsical, Hosaluk's work is always precise, artful and engaging.  

Check out some of Michael's work at his website.